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Xmax V-one Wax Vape Pen - Silver

Xmax V-one Wax Vape Pen - Silver


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The XMAX V-ONE may be THE one wax pen when it comes to ceramic disk/donut wax vaporizers. Features long life, cheap to replace, ceramic disc coils with a unique and near perfect design for wax vaping. To keep your vapor pure the use a replaceable glass atomizer. A powerful, perfectly tuned battery with micro USB charging complete the unit providing strong, consistent vaping that makes it a top pick for any wax enthusiast looking for super portable mega vaping.


The XMAX V-ONE atomizer heating plate takes about 4 seconds to heat up to 428F. Although small, the battery is a whopping 1500mAh with an output of 20W and a 20-second cut-off safety feature. The USB port is convenient for charging and also allows you to vape while re-charging. The XMAX V-ONE device operates at 20 watts, with a 0.8 resistance atomizer, and features a 20-second automating cutoff to ensure safety against accidental firing. Other safety features include a 5-click lock/unlock function.


  • 510 Threaded Connection
  • Long-Lasting 1500mah Battery
  • 20 Watts of Power Output
  • Ceramic Plate Heating Element
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