Our Brands


MWP Bongs or β€œMagic Water Pipe”are known for their outstanding value for money, MWP sport a range of bongs for all budgets.

These stellar glass pieces come in a range of colours and designs, including, but not limited to, clear and painted bongs, frosted and coloured glass bongs, perc bongs, custom bongs, tattooed and other printed bongs.

Make your bong a”MAGIC WATER-PIPE!!”


Stone Age Bongs are a definite crowd-pleaser, our range of Stone Age bongs come in a variety of sizes, colours and designs. Made with only the highest quality products, these top-notch pieces sport thick, durable Pyrex glass.

With a piece for every purpose, our range of Stone Age bongs feature tar catchers, ice notches, rimmed mouthpieces, shot holes, percolators, herb holders, unique centerpieces and much more.