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Medium Glass Bongs Slime Pink Twisted Neck - 26cm

Medium Glass Bongs Slime Pink Twisted Neck - 26cm


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Looking for a unique water pipe? Look no further than our Weedo Medium Glass Bongs! With a Slime Pink Twisted Neck design, these bongs offer a smooth smoking experience for beginners and experts alike. Order now to secure your special edition before it sells out! Shop online for the ultimate way to enjoy your favorite herbs.


  • Long mouthpiece neck to keep your eyebrows safe
  • Bent back for a clear view of your actions
  •  With Clear Filter
  • Consists of a Smooth Filter System
  •  Stem that's easy to clean and won't block
  • Ample water capacity for an exceptionally smooth smoke


  • Height: 26cm
  • Neck Diameter: 3cm
  • 6mm thick Pyrex tough glass
  • Cone: Glass 14mm
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