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MWP Small Beaker Glass Bongs UFO Design 20cm

MWP Small Beaker Glass Bongs UFO Design 20cm


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  MWP Small Beaker Glass Bongs stand at 20cm tall, expertly crafted with precision and quality, and deliver an unparalleled smoking experience. Made with high-quality materials, these bongs are designed to create a smooth and enjoyable smoking session. Elevate your smoking game with our top-rated bongs Australia wide, bongs.


  • Long mouthpiece neck to keep your eyebrows safe
  • Bent back for a clear view of your actions
  • Clean & Translucent Grommet UFO Design
  • Straight Bonza (extra wide) stem that's easy to clean and won't block
  • Ample water capacity for an exceptionally smooth smoke
  • Stem color is yellow


  • Height: 15cm
  • Neck Diameter: 3cm
  • 4mm thick Pyrex tough glass
  • Stem: Metal 
  • Cone: Brass
  • Bonza Silicone grommets


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