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MWP Didgeridoo Bonza Pipe (30cm)

MWP Didgeridoo Bonza Pipe (30cm)


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Check out the MWP Didgeridoo Bonza Pipe

The MWP Didgeridoo Bonza Pipe is a clear, straight tube style pipe that’s 30cm tall. Made from thick Pyrex glass and with a wide rubber base, this is a sturdy pipe that won’t topple over easily and is made to last. It’s a good basic, introductory pipe that’s easy to use, gives you a great smoke and is very affordable.

Features of the MWP Didgeridoo Bonza Pipe

At 30cm in height, the MWP Didgeridoo Bonza Pipe isn’t too tall or too small, it’s just the right height for an enjoyable smoke. The wide rubber base gives it stability and the removable coloured bonza stem with brass cone makes it easy to keep clean for added durability.

  • Height 30cm
  • Straight tube design
  • Made from Pyrex glass
  • Brass cone
  • Coloured stem chosen at random

The straight shooter design of this pipe ensures a smooth hit with every smoke. This is a sturdy glass pipe that doesn’t shatter easily and is the perfect size to hold in your hand.

Tips on using a straight tube pipe

Basically, the MWP Didgeridoo Bonza Pipe is very easy to use. All you need to do is place your mouth over the top of the tube, light the substance in the bowl and inhale. The smoke travels up the tube, through the water and you get a great hit!

First of all, you need to add enough water to the tube so that it just covers the stem that pokes into the tube. You can use cold, warm or room temperature water, it’s your preference. You just want enough water and not too much or else it will be difficult to inhale. Next, you need to remove the bowl from the stem, give it a quick clean and make sure it’s not blocked. You need a good airflow through the bowl and stem for an enjoyable smoke, so if it’s blocked use something small to clear it away.

Make sure that your smoking substance is medium ground, because too fine a material will burn too quickly. Pack the bowl loosely up to the top, but don’t overfill it and replace the bowl into the stem. Place your lips over the top of the MWP Didgeridoo Bonza Pipe, holding the tube comfortably in your hand, and holding the lighter just over the smoking material.

When you start to inhale, you will draw the air through the stem and light the material. As you continue inhaling don’t forget to remove the bowl and take another deep breath at the same time to allow more air into the tube. If you have done everything correctly and you have timed the lighting and removal of the bowl just right, you should experience an enjoyable smoke.

Benefits of a straight tube pipe

The biggest benefits of using a straight tube pipe are that it’s simple for beginners to use, easy to keep clean and very affordable. This is where most enthusiasts start their smoking journey, moving to other types of bongs or pipes as their experience matures. There are a lot of different style bongs and pipes on the market, all of which you can explore to increase your fun!

For more information on the MWP Didgeridoo Bonza Pipe or any of our other pipes and smokes, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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