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MWP Large Glass Bongs THC Design 35cm

MWP Large Glass Bongs THC Design 35cm


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MWP Large Glass Bongs 35cm - THC Design

Discover our range of sophisticated bongs, such as the MWP Large Glass Bongs 35cm, boasting a striking Silicone Base & Grommet Rabbit design. Standing at a height of 35cm, this water pipe is meticulously made for a seamless and pleasurable smoking session. With its transparent appearance and sturdy rubber base, this bong is effortless to care for. Don't overlook our curated selection of premium bongs, Oz bongs, and bongs Australia.

Product Info

  • Height 35cm
  • Glass Bent Bubble shaped design
  • Clean & Translucent design with a RM design
  • Brass cone
  • Pyrex Glass
  • Coloured Stem chosen at random
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