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Bongfire Medium Glass Bongs 23cm (Limited Edition)

Bongfire Medium Glass Bongs 23cm (Limited Edition)


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Discover the Bongfire Medium Glass Bong, a 23cm water pipe masterpiece. This limited edition piece features a metallic stem and a bent bubble design for a sleek, modern look. Perfect for enthusiasts seeking a durable and stylish glass bong in Australia. Its compact size ensures a smooth experience with every use.

Medium Bent Metallic Bubble Bonza Bong 23cm 

A solid glass bong standing at 23cm, The Bent Bubble Bonza Bong with Clean & metallic
At the water bubble and throughout the neck of the bong you will see a clean design.
The bong has a removable colored stem and brass cone, which makes it easy to clean, ready for the next session.

Product Info

  • Height 23cm
  • Bent Bubble Bonza shaped design
  • Brass cone
  • Colored Stem chosen at random
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