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Large Pipe (10cm)

Large Pipe (10cm)


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Welcome to our collection of large pipes

Large pipes are one of the oldest smoking devices in the world, because they are small enough to carry around, portable and easy to use. They also come in lots of different shapes, colours and sizes, so there’s always something new on the market and many have even become collectors items.

Whilst a pipe won’t give you the immediate high that comes with smoking a bong, it will get the job done and the convenience tops any negatives. Unless you’re looking for a bubbler, then these pipes give you a dry smoke, which is what you want when you’re on the go and want the convenience of a quick smoke.

To use these pipes, all you need to do is grind the herbs, tobacco or other material, pack it into the bowl, light it and you are good to go. With so many different types of pipes on the market, however, how do you select the one that’s right for you?

How to choose the best large pipes

In reality, the best pipe is often based on personal choice, given that there are so many different designs available. Since one of the biggest reasons pipes are so popular is because they’re easily portable and so can be used when you are away from home, then our large pipes are a great choice. They are big enough to give you a satisfying smoking experience whilst being small enough to be discreet.

However, if you’re new to the smoking experience and are selecting your very first pipe, you need to look at four factors: overall size, style, size of the bowl and quality.

  • Overall size: When you’re choosing a pipe you need to consider it’s size, because your pipe needs to fit smoothly in your hand and be discreetly carried in your pocket.
  • Style: Does the style and design of the pipe suit your needs? With so many pipes on the market, you have an enormous collection to sort through - so make your first selection the one that catches your eye!
  • Bowl size: Is the bowl large enough for one smoke or is it too big? For personal use when you’re travelling, a bowl that suits just one smoke saves you wasting the herbs or tobacco.

Quality: When you’re spending your hard earned money on one of our large pipes, you want to make sure that you are getting a quality pipe. So buying the cheapest pipe on the market isn’t necessarily going to equate with quality. At BongsMart, we only sell high quality pipes, so you can be assured of a very satisfying experience with every smoke.

How to clean your pipe

The more often you clean your pipe, the better the quality of your smoking session. Some people clean their large pipes after every use, but others believe that this is overly excessive. If you share your pipes, however, it’s a good idea to clean them after every smoking session to remove all the bacteria that has accumulated from different users. The best way to keep your pipes clean is to soak them in isopropyl alcohol and acetone, adding a pinch of salt if you think that there’s some resin stuck inside the pipes. Give it all a good shake to make sure that the solution gets into all the nooks and crannies and after 3 minutes, leave it to dry thoroughly before using it again.

For help selecting the best large pipes for your needs, call BongsMart on 0423 258 213 or send us an email enquiry.

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