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Large Glass Bongs Warning Sign 30cm

Large Glass Bongs Warning Sign 30cm


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LMWP Large Glass Bongs 30cm - Grommet Warning Bong

The Large Glass Bong, standing at 30cm, showcases a Silicone Base & Grommet Rabbit design to enhance the experience of smooth hits. Positioned on a rubber base, this gracefully curved water pipe is both easily maintainable and aesthetically pleasing with its transparent design. Discover more in our diverse collection of stylish bongs, including the Oz bongs.

Product Info

  • Height 30cm
  • Glass Bent Bubble shaped design
  • Clean & Translucent design with a Silicone Base & Grommet Warning design
  • Brass cone
  • Pyrex Glass
  • Coloured Stem chosen at random
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