How you can clean bongs?

How you can clean bongs?

Bongs come in many materials that require different cleaning methods and precautions.

Plastic and acrylic bongs don’t hold up as well as glass bongs when it comes to harsh cleaning agents like isopropyl alcohol, as they can break down the material, so you’ll want to swap that out in favor of a milder acid like lemon juice or vinegar, according to Nugg MD.

Silicone bongs should also be treated more gently when cleaning than glass bongs. A mild dish detergent is recommended here in place of alcohol or harsh cleaning agents, as porous silicone can absorb chemicals.


While most bongs are not dishwasher safe, some actually are, including Honest’s Capsule Water Pipes and most silicone bongs. Always check the manual to see if your bong is safe to put in the dishwasher, and don’t just assume that it’s ok — you may end up with a broken bong (or a gnarly dishwasher). Also, because bongs are full of curves and nooks and crannies.

Generally speaking, bongs should be cleaned more frequently than other smoking devices like weed vapes and pipes. Bongs use water, making them a breeding ground for bacteria. Even if you’re not using your bongs all that much, you’ll still want to be sure to empty its water after each use

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