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Bongfire Large Glass Bongs 38cm (Special Edition)

Bongfire Large Glass Bongs 38cm (Special Edition)


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Discover the pinnacle of smoking elegance with the 38cm Special Edition Bongfire Large Glass Bong. Crafted for aficionados, its robust metal stem and premium glass offer unmatched durability and style. Perfect for connoisseurs seeking smooth, refined hits.
Elevate your smoking experience with the Bongfire Large Glass Bong, a 38cm Special Edition masterpiece. Its metal stem ensures durability, while the large bubble design promises potent hits. Ideal for connoisseurs seeking a blend of style and function.

Large Bubble Bong 38cm (Special Edition)

Experience smooth and powerful hits with our Large Bubble Bong. At 38cm, it's the perfect size. Crafted with high-quality materials, this Special Edition bong is built to last. Upgrade your smoking game with our selection of water pipes and bongs online, available online.

Product Info

  • Height 38cm
  • Bent Bubble Bonza shaped design
  • Brass cone
  • Colored Stem chosen at random
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