Types of Bong Designs

Types of Bong Designs

Straight Tube

As we continue, you’ll discover the stylish marvels of the world of bongs: straight tube bongs.
These simple champions are great for beginners. Their clean, uncomplicated design blends efficiency and beauty seamlessly. 

Beaker Base

Their strong build guarantees a smooth, dependable smoke, just like your morning coffee.
These bongs are known for their stability, thanks to their broad base that tapers gracefully as it goes up. Beaker Base Bongs are both powerful and versatile.

Round Base

The world of bongs is all about creativity, and round-based bongs exemplify this.
Imagine a bowl-shaped base and an unconventional charm. They may not stand straight, but they certainly grab your attention. Round base bongs are for those who want to add a unique touch to their experience.


These are the masters of smooth smoke.
Percolators work their magic, filtering and cooling your puffs for an ideal smoking experience with bongs. It’s a blend of science and pleasure, giving you the best cannabis journey with the best bongs.

Tree Percolator

Picture many arms connected to a center tube, leading the smoke through a thorough filtration process. Their complex design guarantees thorough filtration as the smoke travels up, down, and through finely made diffusers. Exclusive to glass bongs, Tree Percs transform each puff into its own little adventure.

Honeycomb Percolator

Take a look at the detailed beauty of Honeycomb Percs, which you can find in top-notch bongs. Their honeycomb diffusers provide exceptional filtration. 
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