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Stone Age Large Glass Bongs (35cm)

Stone Age Large Glass Bongs (35cm)


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Stone Age Beaker With Spiral Perc- Green (35cm)

The Stone Age Beaker with Spiral perc offer that smoother experience. Standing at 35cm tall and made out of 5mm thick glass the beaker shaped bong with green highlights consists of a glass cone with a 19mm stem. Within the bong are two tar catchers that filter the smoke before hitting the ice shelf for ice cubes, proven to cool and remove more impurities from smoke than the water system. It will give you that smooth and cool hit on a warm summers day.

Please note the Stone Age logo image may vary from bong to bong. The beaker has Green highlights throughout the bong.

Product Info

  • Height 35cm
  • Stone Age Branded Bong
  • Beaker bong shaped design
  • 5mm thick glass
  • 19mm Glass Stem & 14mm Reducer
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