Buying Bongs Online: Outrageous Myths About Purchasing From Online Bongs

Buying Bongs Online: Outrageous Myths About Purchasing From Online Bongs

Many people have certain reservations when it comes to purchasing bongs, bongs online, and bongs Australia from a website.

As an established and trusted online shop, we Bongsmart feel that it is important to address these myths.

Myth #1: “Online bongs is not good for privacy”

The orders are always through discreet shipping: the mail carrier, your neighbor, or anyone else who sees your delivery shouldn’t be able to discern its content. Another way is through credit card confidentiality; at Bongsmart, unless you choose to place your order manually over the phone, we do not have access to your credit or debit card beyond the last four digits. Knowing this should alleviate any qualms about identity theft or fraudulent activity pertaining to you or your banking cards.

Myth #2 "Online bongs will take weeks and will possibly be arrived broken"

Bongsmart, we focus on packing and shipping every order within 24 hours, and offer same-day shipping if your order is placed before 12pm EST. The average time for an order to arrive is three to five business days, and depending on the shipping destination, it can be quicker

An eight-step quality control process is in place to prevent breakage. When bongs arrived at our warehouse, the bongs were diligently inspected before being stocked on our shelves. When an order is placed, the bongs are inspected again before the bongs is packed securely and shipped. And our bongs will be well-packed with box and bubble wraps to make sure the glass bongs safe. Your bongs will arrive promptly, with every precaution taken to ensure it stays in pristine condition.

Myth #3: “Shopping at an online headshop takes away from the personal experience.”

Shopping for bongs or vapes at a reliable online of Bongsmart can actually be a more personalised experience than frequenting your local tobacconist. Customer service representatives are available to answer phone calls and live chat messages immediately. These trained professionals are experts on glass bongs, all type of bongs, and can answer about hundreds of bongs inquiries or take you step by step through finding your ideal glass pipe, dab rig, bong, or vaporizer. 


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