Quality metal pipes of all kinds

Are you looking for a quality pipe that you’ll want to show off?

Do you want a pipe that’s as enjoyable to smoke as it is impressive to display?

BongsMart’s extensive collection of metal pipes is the perfect solution for you! From keychain pipes to smokeless pipes, and handcrafted pieces to the classic brass mini traveller, our unmatched selection is bound to have something for everyone.

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The benefits of metal pipes

Metal might not be as commonly used for bongs and pipes as glass and plastic, but there are plenty of really great benefits for choosing metal pipes. 

Variety of choices

Metal pipes come in a wide range of shapes, designs and styles. While produced en masse, unlike hand blown glass pipes, there’s a metal pipe for all occasions, situations and uses. You can find the perfect product to suit exactly what you need!

Unique designs

Embrace your inner quirk! Our metal pipes come in all colours, styles and designs. Go classic or mix it up with an Angry Birds Metal Pipe, Ned Kelly Helmet Dry Pipe or Hand Crafted Novelty Tobacco Pipe. Plus, you can always build your own pipe kit incorporating our versatile metal pipes any way you want.


Our metal pipes are not just affordable, they’re incredibly competitively priced! We pass on all the cost savings in manufacturing and design to our customers without compromising on the design or quality of materials. Thanks to our cheapest price guarantee you never have to worry about over paying again.


Metal pipes can’t be beaten for long term durability. No matter how clumsy you are or how much you smoke, our metal pipes will keep pace with your habits. Whether it’s day one or one hundred and one, our metal pipes will perform perfectly every time. 

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Price Beat Guarantee

When it comes to our guaranteed competitive pricing, we don’t just smoke the smoke, we walk the walk as well! That’s why our price beat guarantee covers all of our products (on sale items not included).

If you find the exact same item being sold by another store — whether online or not — anywhere in Australia at a cheaper price, we’ll beat it!

All you need to do is take a photo or screenshot of the product with the name, advertised price and date clearly visible.

Payment options

Our variety of payment options, including buy-now-pay-later, means you’ll get your metal pipe with as little delay and inconvenience as possible!

We offer the following secure payment options:

  • Credit card
  • Bank Transfer
  • PayItLater

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